Sign Wireless Bridge Communications Disrupted/Sign is Offline

Just like any computer or router, sometimes your sign and antennas will need to be rebooted in order to operate properly.  This article is about the process of how to reboot your LED sign and any communication antennas or devices that may have lost connectivity with the LED sign.  This is the first thing you should try when you are unable to communicate with your LED sign and the sign is showing content and working fine.  

*Please note that a simple reboot of all the signs and communication devices will solve 99% of the communication issues you will have with your sign.  If you have not tried a reboot of the sign, please do so before calling and opening a ticket with our support team.  

Step 1:  Determine your communication type.  If you connect directly to the sign with wifi, you will only need to reboot the sign to get a fresh config.  If you use a LAN bridge or wireless antenna set, you will need to locate the inside antenna and its power source.  The antenna on the sign can be rebooted when you reboot the sign.  This is the most common configuration.

Figure 1: EnGenius Wireless Client Antenna View(s)
Figure 4:  POE Brick View(s)

Step 2:  Locate the breakers for your sign and turn them off for at least 30 seconds.  Be sure that the breakers you are turning off are for both sides of the LED sign.  Most double-sided signs will have at least (2) two breakers you will need to flip.  It helps to have someone flip the breakers while another person confirms to you that the sign has shut down and rebooted.  The sign will take approximately 2-3 minutes to come back up and play its slide schedule.  

Step 3:  Locate and unplug either the POE or the antenna's ethernet cable to reboot the inside or "Client Side" antenna.  This will effectively reboot the antenna so it will search for a new connection to the LED sign.  If you have easy access and can see the back of the antenna, you can see the lights that will indicate that it is on, connected to the network or PC, and connected to the 'WLAN".  Above that the signal lights will show you the signal strength.  It will take the antenna at least 3 minutes to form a connection with the LED sign.  

Step 4:  Use the "Locator.exe" application by Engenius to show the antennas that is located on the network. If the reboot worked, then the app will locate both antennas and you should have a good connection to the LED sign.  You can confirm this by opening the scheduling software and trying to connect to the sign.

*If you do not have the Locator app, you can download it here:  EnGenius Locator App (276KB)