RMA KIT – 07: T3 Controller Card RMA Kit


  • (1) NovaStar T3 Controller Card (Pre-Flashed with Client Specific Firmware)
  •  (1) RBC - 5v DC - Power Cable
  • Configuration Diagram(s) for your sign


Figure 1:  NovaStar T3 Controller Card

Figure 2:  Red-Black-Copper 5vDC Power Wire

Tools Needed:

  • Ladder or Lift Equipment (Always practice good safety)
  • 3mm HEX Wrench “key”
  • Multimeter
  • ¼” Nut Driver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Sharpie to label Ribbon Cables


***When working on any sign components (inside the LED modules), turn “off” the sign’s power to avoid shock, shorting out the sign’s components, and/or serious personal injury!!!*** 

  • Take a picture of the current T3 Controller Card; we’ll use it to reference where each of the cable and wire connections will respectively attach on the new/replacement T3 Controller Card.
  • Remove/Detach the 5v-DC-power wires (on the right side); Remove/Detach the CAT5/CAT6 cables (from the ports at the bottom); Remove the WiFi Antennae wires (at the top); Remove the Photo/Brightness sensor (at the lower-left)…etc.…
  • Remove the old/defective T3 Controller Card:  each is attached to the sign frame w/ up to (4) small nuts (one in each corner); a ¼” socket driver is needed to install/uninstall (DO NOT DROP THE (4) SMALL NUTS!!)
  • Install the new T3 Controller Card:  place the new T3 Controller Card in place (line up each of the (4) corner holes to the mounting/anchor screws); replace the nuts to anchor it in place (DO NOT DROP THE (4) SMALL NUTS!!) 
  • Re-attach the cables and wires in reverse order (***ALWAYS ATTACH THE POWER LAST; VERIFYING THE RED (VCC (+)) and BLACK (GND (-)) WIRES ARE IN THE PROPER PLACE(S)***Warning*** If you connect these wrong, the card will not power on)
  • Test Voltage at the Power Wire Connection(s):  ~5v DC
  • (REPLACE LED MODULE); Power on sign