XMPlayer Express Software and Use Guide

Sign-Express signs sold between the years of 2015-2017 were equipped with a Mega Sign system that used either a DBStar control system or a Novastar system.  The DBstar systems require a software called "XMPlayer Express" in order to schedule content with your sign.  This document is meant to assist you in downloading and installing the software to work with your sign.  If you are not sure of your signs software requirements, please contact Sign-Express and provide your account serial number.  They can help you locate the specifications of your sign.

XM Player Express

XM Player Express ver3 (40MB)
XM Player User Manual (1.5MB)

After you download and install the XMPlayer Express software you will need to connect the sign to your existing computer network or connect your computer directly to the sign by plugging a CAT5 ethernet cable into the "Communication" port on the back of the sign.  Most signs were sold with a wireless antenna set and you will use these to connect the sign to your network from a long distant to work from inside your offices.  

The default settings for a sign with a DBstar controller is  Since this is the IP address of the sign, your computer will need to be a different IP such as  You will not be able to communicate with the sign unless your computer and the sign is on the same network address schema.

If you need help in setting up the communication please search the knowledge base or contact for help.

The "XM Player User Manual" has the installation and use instructions all laid out for you.  Download that and follow the instructions.  The software will sometimes have issues locating the sign, turn off your firewall and try again if you are sure the settings are correct.